Echoes: a DNOW Study

Echoes: a DNOW Study

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Echoes is a 4-lesson Disciple Now Study based on learning to hear God’s voice. It is 100% digitally downloadable and includes everything you need to have a great DNow event.

Echoes: A DNOW Study Description Why Echoes? A Disciple Now (DNow) event can have a huge impact on your youth ministry, and your entire church. Having a solid, biblically based, and engaging curriculum is crucial for your event to be all it can be. We created Echoes to give you an outstanding DNow curriculum at a ridiculously affordable price.

The Echoes study is designed to deal with some of the questions that plague every student who is trying to figure out what to do next and how to make the right decision. How do I know what God wants me to do? How do I know what his voice even sounds like? Why is God silent? Echoes is a study that helps student recognize and know God’s voice in their lives. It helps students gain the tools to discern whether a message is from God or not, and it even equips students to deal with the times that God seems silent. Use Echoes to train your students to hear God’s voice and to invite unbelieving students to hear God’s voice for the very first time.

What are the Lesson Topics in Echoes? 1) Whispers: It’s easy to miss God’s voice in our lives when we are expecting it to sound a certain way. Elijah was waiting to hear from God, when a windstorm, and earthquake and a fire all took place – but God’s voice was in the whisper that followed. By ridding ourselves of distractions and tuning into our relationship with God, we can start to hear all the different ways his voice is echoing in our lives. 2) Words: God uses other people, the Holy Spirit, and Scripture to speak with us. Not only does God speak to us through these methods individually; he combines them in amazing and intricate ways so we can learn to trust his voice wherever we hear it. 3) Silence: In this session, students will learn that God’s silence doesn’t mean we can’t know his will for our lives. He gives us direction even when we have a hard time hearing from him directly. God’s silence doesn’t mean he is distant. And those times of silence can help us appreciate the moments when we hear from him ever more. 4) Sheep: We all receive conflicting messages constantly, sometimes from people we trust. But how can students tell which of these messages come from Jesus and which don’t? It starts with learning from Scripture what his voice sounds like, so we can be sheep that know the Shepherd’s voice.

What’s Included?

    4 Large Group Talks/Sermons – .docx format so they are fully editable
    4 Small Group Lessons – Small Group Leader Guides and Student Guides – .docx and .pdf formats
    4 Downloadable Student Devotions – .pdf format
    Parent Guide – formatted so you can add in event-specific information
    Planning Guide
    Experiential activities for each lesson
    Background notes and extra help for Small Group Leaders
    T-Shirt Art – Print your own t-shirts; we give you the artwork
    PowerPoint artwork
    11Ă—17 poster graphics
    Large banner art
    Social media graphics


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