Easter: Against All Odds (Doug Fields)

Easter: Against All Odds (Doug Fields)

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Easter sermon about the amazing story of the resurrection...


A great Easter message from Doug Fields!

There are people who can tell you mathematically that your car is 38 times more likely to get stolen if it's a Land Cruiser than a Hyundai. And if you're still driving a Ford Pinto, it's mathematically impossible for it to be stolen. You don't need the club to protect you. You can leave your keys right in the ignition. It's a statistical impossibility.

Some people make their living by figuring out odds like these, and they're usually very accurate.

Yet, TODAY WE CELEBRATE the fact that the oddsmakers were wrong about Jesus:
• Jesus defied the odds.
• Jesus came back from the grave.

That’s a powerful message! It’s a message that separates Christianity from all the religions in the world.


Doug Fields