Dot Race

Dot Race

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Endless fun for all ages IQ’s!


Foster unhealthy amounts of trash talking by playing this strangely addicting game with your youth group. It’s a digitally re-mastered version of the classic game Dot Race. Endless fun for all ages IQ’s!

Dot Race is an easy to use video driven game that can be played with the entire group. Students pick the color of dot they think will win and then it’s off to the races. Instructions are included as well as some creative ways to get the entire room in on the fun. The game also includes 3 different track options and 9 separate races.

Option 1 - Stage Game

Bring up 3 contestants on stage. Introduce each contestant to the audience and have them pick which color dot will win the race. Once the contestants have made their choice, show one of the included race videos with the winner of your choice. Contestants can play multiple rounds with different videos or you could do the best 2 out of 3 for added drama. Award a silly prize to the winning contestant.

Option 2 - Large Group Game

There are many variations of how to play the large group game, but hopefully this can give you a couple of ideas. Have students vote/guess which color dot they think will when the race by standing or stilling, shouting out, or even divide the room into 3 parts with students moving to the area which represents their color of dot. Once the students have chosen their winner, show one of the race videos with the winner of your choice. For an elimination round, all the losers in your group can sit down or go back to their seat, the winners will race again in the next round. You can either do the best 2 out of 3 with a single race or use the different races included for each new round. After several rounds, whoever is left standing or playing is the winner(s).

Bonus Idea with Bonus Fun For added fun - Divide the room into thirds like mentioned above - except whichever area of the room wins gets scoops of candy thrown to them from the stage. You can play multiple rounds by having students choose the side of the room, but the winning area is always reward with candy.

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