Doing Life Together - Spiritual Assessment Guide

Doing Life Together - Spiritual Assessment Guide

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This is a one-off message where students will learn the importance of doing life together with other Christians. The resource also includes a really well done spiritual assessment and accountability guide for students.


Real Christians do life together. This stand alone sermon will challenge your students with the importance of being committed to church, spending time around strong Christians, and being in an accountability relationship. Your students will learn how doing life together makes it easier to follow Christ, helps us love like Christ, and deepens our love for God.

Also included is the "Doing Life Together: A Christian Accountability Spiritual Assessment for Students". This is a fully customizable document which includes a spiritual assessment covering 5 categories (50 questions), accountability guide to be used with a partner, and other questions to help students evaluate where they are at in their relationship with God.

The guide is an excellent tool and one you can reproduce and use over and over.  

Included with this resource:

  • A complete manuscript message (word file)
  • A 12-page assessment for students (word file)

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Ryan Jantz