Developing Communicators

Developing Communicators

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A step-by-step strategy for developing a team of large group communicators.


Doug's note: I love this! We don't have anything like this on our website. It's a great starting point for thinking thru message prep and developing other voices. Well worth it.

This resource provides you with the strategy and tools you need to begin developing communicators within your ministry.

This resource will help you identify, equip, empower and evaluate teachers.

You will be able to hand communicators a general sermon prep sheet that they can work through and develop a message.

This resource also provides a strategy for starting a teaching team and your meeting strategy.

This is also a great resource for helping you to develop your own skills and keep you accountable to a group.

This Resource Includes:
• How to use this resource document (Word file)
• Encouraging potential teachers document (Word file)
• Sermon prep document (Word file)
• Empowerment strategy document (Word file)
• Evaluation document (Word file)


Justin Minter