Creative Student Ministry eBook

Creative Student Ministry eBook

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An e-book about how to harness your creativity and enhance your ministry.


A big part of ministry is connecting truth that never changes with students, whose world is constantly changing, and that is where creativity lives!

If you are looking to add more creativity to your ministry team, learn to pull the best out of a group of creatives, or get out of a creative rut yourself, this e-book is just what you need!

In a few short chapters, you will discover how to harness your God-given creativity and use it to impact your ministry like never before.

Creative Student Ministry will take your creative process to the next level and give you all the tools you need to be the creative leader you were created to be.

This resource includes:
• One ebook (pdf)
Table of Contents:
1. What Is Creativity?
2. Creativity In Ministry
3. Creativity In Planning
4. Creativity Is A Team Sport
5. Creativity In Practice


Michael Wallace