Creating a Budget

Creating a Budget

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Putting together a budget and have no idea how to think through the process? This resource is a great place to start!


Editor's note: GREAT product for the end-user who has never done budgeting before, or for those who might have had poor budgeting experiences, or you just want a fresh look at how another veteran youth worker pulls this whole thing off. I found it helpful to me and I've done budgets.

Maybe you are just starting out and the idea of figuring out your first budget is putting you into a cold sweat. Or, maybe financial planning is your weak spot in ministry and you are constantly getting criticized for it in reviews. This resource can help!

In Creating A Budget, you will be challenged to research where your ministry has been, think about where you want to go, and work through the details so you won't be limited by unanticipated expenses.

Every church wants to see the budget numbers in different programs/formats/spreadsheet. This resource helps you think through each aspect of your ministry, establish the cost, and be ready to plug those numbers into whatever format is required of you. Or, you can use the worksheet as your budgetary template to submit.

This Resource Includes:
• Before You Create A Budget Guide (Word file)
• Navigating the Budget Worksheet Guide - makes all the section of the worksheet/parts of a normal youth ministry budget make sense (Word file)
• Budget Worksheet (word file)


Allison Williams