Colossal Categories

Colossal Categories

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In this video-driven game, contestants are given a category and tasked with coming up with a word that fits into that category (Example: items on a sandwich - ham, cheese, turkey, etc.). However, they only have 10-seconds, and they are rewarded with one point for every letter in their word. They've got to think fast, think unique, and think colossal!


We've all played games where you give a category and students have to name things that fit into that category. We've put a new spin that will have them scrambling to think fast, think unique, and think colossal. 

Colossal Categories is a fast-paced, video-driven game that is adaptable to any size group and can be played with multiple variations. The setup is simple: contestants are given a category, and they have to write down a word that fits into that category (Example: Items on a sandwich - ham, cheese, turkey, etc.). The catch is that they get one point for every letter in their word, and they only have 10 seconds to come up with it. Also, if they use the same word as another contestant, they only get half the points. In the end, whoever has the most points is crowned the winner.

This game can be played in multiple different ways! Here are some ideas for the best ways to maximize it:

• Call up contestants and keep those same ones for the whole game. You can have as many as you'd like. 

• Small groups: have the groups work together to come up with answers each round, or have groups send up one volunteer each round (this allows a ton of kids to play the game and keeps it moving nicely). 

• We allowed students to use more than one word for their answers, but they couldn't be descriptive words. So, for items on a sandwich, they might say: ""Cheddar cheese,"" but they can't say, ""Really tasty cheese."" 

This Resource Includes:

  • Complete PowerPoint game file
  • Individual (11 rounds + instructions) video clips (mp4 files)
  • Title video clip (mp4 file)
  • Title slide (jpeg file)


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"• Have a designated leader in charge of spell-checking. If a student misspells a word, still gave them points, but base the points on the correct spelling. We did not allow contestants to abbreviate words. • A fun twist is after a handful of rounds, eliminate any contestants who don't have X amount of points (whatever number you'd like to throw out to lessen the number of contestants you have left). "
Daniel Begnaud

Daniel Begnaud

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