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A three-week series on three spiritual practices that will help students grow closer to God.


Doug's note: I love resources like this! In addition to 3 messages & small group questions there's a 21 Day Devotional. Just photocopy and challenge your students to grow on their own. This took HOURS for the author to create and you can access his talent and help your students grow spiritually... wow... love it!

How can students develop a closer relationship with God? This 3-week series and devotional experience will help students go deeper with God over a 21-day span. By looking at the spiritual practices of Bible study, meditation, and prayer, your students will discover practical ways to grow a more intimate relationship with God. In addition to three message manuscripts and three small group lessons, this resource includes a 21-day devotional that students are encouraged to go through on their own.

Week 1 - Getting Closer to God Through Bible Study
Week 2 - Getting Closer to God Through Meditation
Week 3 - Getting Closer to God Through Prayer

This Resource Includes:
• Three word-for-word sermon manuscripts
• Three small group discussion guides
• A 21-day devotional that spans the length of the series
• Series graphic


Josh Smith