CIY Resource: Your DIY Camp or Retreat "The Third Person"

CIY Resource: Your DIY Camp or Retreat "The Third Person"

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The Third Person contains all the creative content you need to host a powerful 3-session camp experience for your students! CIY Resources are exclusive for DYM members.
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CIY exists to call students to Christ and into a life of Kingdom work through the local church. You can find out more about them by going to www.ciy.comCIY resources are exclusively available for DYM Members! By purchasing this product you are agreeing to sharing your contact information with CIY to be used for marketing purposes. CIY is in a confidential partner of DYM. You can unsubscribe any time from both DYM and CIY’s mailing list. Your information will not be sold or shared beyond this partnership.

Can't get away for camp or retreat? Looking for a DIY retreat option that feels special and unique? Need an affordable option for camp this year? 

The Third Person contains ALL the creative content needed to host a powerful 3-session camp or retreat experience to help your students discover more about the Third Person of the Trinity (the Holy Spirit) - who He is, how He works, and the many ways students can stay connected to Him every moment of their lives.

This resource gives you what you need to host your own camp or retreat, at home or on your church campus. And makes it possible to put on a memorable and affordable event for your students! The teaching content is provided for you with video messages from gifted communicators, and a detailed 12-page Host Guide that walks you through each element of the program to set you up for success in how to use everything that has been provided. Click here to view the first few pages of this host guide.

CIY has taken care of the heavy lifting of your at-home camp programming for you! Not only have they provided great teaching content, they've thoughtfully crafted each session to include professional, creative elements to put on a meaningful and powerful experience for your students that will deepen their faith while moving them towards next steps in their walk with Christ.

Session 1: The Holy Spirit Revives - John 16:5-7, Genesis 1:1-2
Session 2: A Revived Heart Leads to a Revived Life - Romans 8:1-17 (Life in the Spirit) and Galatians 5:22 - 26 (Fruit of the Spirit)
Session 3: Join the Holy Spirit in Reviving the World - Eph. 5:15-20 (Living by the Spirit's Power, making the most of every situation) and Acts 8:26-40 (Philip led by the spirit to share with the Ethiopian)

This Resource Includes:

  • At-A-Glance (PDF)
  • Host Guide (12 pages) (PDF)
  • Suggested Worship Set List (PDF)
  • Kingdom Worker Cards )PDF)
  • Media Content for 3 Sessions
    • Stage Games
    • Slides
    • Videos
      • 1-minute countdown timers (mp4)
      • 10-minute countdown timer (mp4)
    • Program Videos
      • Session 1: Kingdom Work Never Stops - Emma (6:32min) (mp4) (you can preview this video, below!)
      • Session 1: Kingdom Work Never Stops - Abby (6:26min) (mp4) 
      • Session 1: Stain Glass Gospel Opener (4:15min) (mp4)
      • Session 2: Kingdom Work Never Stops - Brendan (7:55min) (mp4)
      • Session 3: Kingdom Work Never Stops - Kiara (6:31min) (mp4)
    • Video Messages
      • Session 1 Message: by Shane Wood (13:20min) (mp4) 
      • Session 2 Message: by Anne Wilson (10:10min) (mp4)
      • Session 3 Message: by Jaron Scott (10:18min) (mp4)
  • 2 Small Group Discussion Guides (PDF) - to preview a sample from the first guide, click here.

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Kingdom Work Never Stops - Emma: 


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