Circles Launch Kit - Small Groups

Circles Launch Kit - Small Groups

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Everything you need to train leaders and start functioning small groups, based on the 5 Laws of Circle Leaders


We all know that small groups are important for students. Life change often happens best in such an environment. But hey, if you're honest about it, starting a small group ministry that works from scratch is hard. Based on the 5 Laws of Circle Leaders, this resource includes what you need to get going.

The launch kit includes (1) leader training templates for PowerPoint, (2) a presenter's guide for training leaders, (3) a logo, and (4) editable contact cards for students in your small groups.

This Resource Includes:

    • Contact Cards in .doc and .pdf
    • Presentation slides and teaching notes

This training guide is designed to be used by the leader presenting the material in a training session for new small group leaders or as a refresher course. Essentially, it is a training script. The contents listed throughout will correspond with the slides in the “Adult Circle Leader Training Presentation.” Sections labeled with a slide number will correspond to that specific slide. Content is written out as notes for you as the presenter, and should not necessarily be spoken word-for-word. Feel free to edit this document in any area needed to connect better within your ministry context.

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Jeff Cochran