Cell Phone Shoot Out: Act It Out

Cell Phone Shoot Out: Act It Out

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Want to see your audience enjoy a little impromptu acting? This edition of Cell Phone Shoot Out is your answer!


This Cell Phone Shoot Out Act It Out edition is a great game to play upfront for your audience to enjoy. In this edition, you'll display a looping video that randomly scrolls through 11 different scenes. Participants utilize their cell phone's camera to capture the scene they must recreate in front of everyone.

The biggest win for this game is picking the right people to play. Students who are shy are more likely to not bring out the best for this type of game. However, those who are not shy and will do anything and go all out will allow this game to come alive.

This Resource Includes:
• 30-second video loop with audio that scrolls through the 11 slides quickly (mp4 file)
• 11 individual scene slides (jpeg file)
• Title slide (jpeg file)
• Gameplay document (pdf file)


Austin Whelan