Celebrity Emoji

Celebrity Emoji

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Can your students guess the celebrity by the emojis on the screen?!


Doug's note: Come on! This will CRUSH in my youth group.

Celebrity Emoji can be played in a LIVE setting as well as ONLINE. The beauty of Sidekick is that it works so well in both of these settings.

If playing over Zoom, use the chat feature to have students type in their answer. Give points or a prize to the first person to name the correct celebrity.

If using live, this game can be played as an upfront contestant-style game where one person gets a chance to guess the answer or have two people compete. The first person to reveal the answer wins. Also, it can be played as an all-play game from seats where students can shout out their answers.

PLEASE NOTE: The answer doesn't show up on the screen when you stop the generator. After students guess, you can reveal the answer by clicking the 'SHOW' button under the Answer section.

This game is simply for fun and can be a bit tricky figuring out the answers.

Games like this are important sometimes because they help students feel familiar in their surroundings. If a new or newer student joins your online group or comes live to one of your gatherings, they likely don't know many people and may not know much about church or God.

A game like this works well because it is something they probably know. It allows them to feel connected.

Enjoy the game!

This Resource Includes:
• Sidekick 'Emoji Hunt' game file (20 rounds)
• Title & background slides (jpeg files)

Emoji Hunt Intro from Download Youth Ministry on Vimeo.

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Matt Baker

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