Casting Lots

Casting Lots

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An ancient game of casting lots - a simple game that creates great energy in the room!
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Are you looking for an authentic experience of Roman life as a teaching illustration, but recreating the Coliseum out of pallets seems like too much work? Look no further! This game is simple, surprisingly fun, and will have everyone engaged. Roll the dice in the right order, then be the first person to run to the front to roll a pair of giant inflatable dice! Just like ancient times. (Giant dice not included, due to Covid-19 shipping delays but mostly the fact that you can’t download dice – but we do provide an Amazon link to make it easy for you!)

This Resource Includes: 

  • Intro Bumper Video (0:16min) (mp4) 
  • Title Slide (jpg)
  • Two Instructions slides (jpg) 
  • 10 Question Slides for everyone's rolls (jpg)
  • 11 Slides for winning contestant's roll (jpg)
  • Amazon link to purchase jumbo inflatable dice

Note from Author

About this Product
We played this at DYM100 2021 - it was a blast! Give fun prizes away to the winning contestant if they successfully roll the number on the screen!