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This one-off message resource will challenge your students to be the "light to the world" whether at home, at school, or in their community through an interactive candlelight service.


This resource challenges students to the "light to their world" based on Matthew 5:14-16. It has interactive moments and a link to a video that will help bring home the message. It also contains the worship set we did and ideas of how to best use what you have. This resource can be used during any season of your ministry, as an ending challenge for a series (which is how I used it), or as a Christmas message. You can easily format it to fit how you need it to speak to your students. We did this message right after Josh Griffin's “11 vs The World” and it served as a final challenge piece to that series.

Note: you will need candles and a lighter.

This Resource Includes:
• 800+ word manuscript (it's shorter than typical messages due to the interactive moments of this type of service) [Word file]
• Graphics (jpeg files)
• Worship set suggestions (Word file)


Louie Campbell