Called to Ministry Job Shadowing

Called to Ministry Job Shadowing

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Specific ideas for students who are thinking full-time ministry


The Called to Ministry Job Shadowing is a 6-week program that helps you (as the ministry leader) guide your students to better understand church ministry roles as well as helping them understand their ministry calling.

This resource contains the sequence of steps that student take each week in their job shadowing. I wanted something specific for both our teenagers and our ministry leaders and there was nothing out there like this resource. We have created 6 weeks of ideas for each of these 12 church-based ministries:
  • Student ministry
  • Young Adult Ministry
  • Sports Ministry
  • Worship
  • Pastoral
  • Grade School
  • Preschool
  • Counseling
  • Senior Adults
  • Missions
  • Video/Media
  • Communications/Web/Print

    This 6 week program provides:
  • a chance for a teenager to talk to a staff minister/leader in a specific area where the student expresses an interest.
  • an opportunity to see ministry in action.
  • opportunities for teenagers to do what ministers/leaders normally do.
  • the teenager with encouragement and a potential ministry mentor.
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    Grant Byrd

    Seasoned (nice word for old) Youth Pastor of 40 years. Still in the trenches and sill loving It.