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A four week message series about how God uses brokenness to fulfill His purposes in our lives


Broken is never a happy word, is it? When things are broken, they are usually finished! Broken things get thrown away and forgotten. That’s how we treat broken… but that is not at all how God sees it!

In this four week teaching series you will discover the truth about broken and see how this one word is vital to our understanding of who God is, who we are, and who He has called us to become. After this conversation, you will never see broken the same again!

Week 1: Broken Is Not The End Week 2: A Broken Heart Week 3: A Broken System Week 4: Another Broken Heart

What’s Included:

    • Four 1600+ word message transcripts (Word files)
    • 1 jpeg file image for use in Week #3.

Michael is one of DYM’s favorite authors—while he doesn’t use a lot of illustrations and personal antidotes, his content is really strong and very easy to teach (just add your own illustrations).

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Michael Wallace