Broken Pieces Transition Videos

Broken Pieces Transition Videos

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Need to inject some life back into your program?  These eight video transitions will do the trick!


Doug's note: Something I could have never made on my own... but they add so much to programming. I love the series title--I'll use this for sure. 

Need to inject some life back into your program?  These video transitions will do the trick!

Everyone has different segments in their program. The most painful and dead times in that program is the transition time between segments, often when one person is leaving the stage and one person is entering.   Get rid of that dead time and put energy back into your program with these ink drop transition videos. Play one of these videos between your program segments and keep the energy and flow alive. You will be amazed at how much of a difference transition videos (with good music) can make in setting the culture of your program! There is a reason all the late-night shows make use of transition videos. 

For your convenience, the transition videos come with or without music.  

Use the videos without music to add your own. Simply link a song in your presentation software.

This Resource Includes:

• 8 (10-second) transition video clips with music (mp4 files)
• 8 (10-second) transition video clips without music (mp4 files)
- Welcome
- Announcements
- Games
- Worship
- Small Groups
- Prayer Time
- Offering
- See you next week


David Rutledge

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