Blueprint for Bible Basics

Blueprint for Bible Basics

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Blueprints for Bible Basics is designed to give your youth the necessary tools that will provide them a proper foundation to make sure that they don't remain in church for years without substantive growth.


There are so many differing viewpoints and opinions on who Jesus is, what it takes to live a lifestyle that is pleasing to Him, and what truths should we take away from the Word of God. However, there are certain fundamental truths that are important to understand as citizens of the Kingdom of God. This book will help students make sure that they stand on a unshakable foundation built on Christ as the cornerstone, and His pure and unchanging Word as the basis for our understanding of the Kingdom of God. When our youth grow up with a strong foundation, they will be better able to grow into the men and women of God that they have been called and destined to be.

Topics Covered (each chapter contains study guide and life application sections):
• Plan of Salvation
• Worshipping the Worthy
• Jesus the Son
• Fellowship
• Grace
• Prayer
• The Bible

This resource works well as a precursor to other discipleship tools because it provides the foundation upon which other concepts are learned. It is best used in a small group setting, with a youth leader or in a group study.

This Resource Includes:
Complete e-book (in pdf and .mobi file formats)
Also includes a Kindle file.


Alex McElroy