Birds, Bees, & Other Animals Vol 1

Birds, Bees, & Other Animals Vol 1

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This screen game provides a great intro for talking to students about sex, dating & relationships!


Do you have students that giggle anytime you say the word "sex"? Or mention anatomy? Or talk about anything to do with the opposite gender? Then, you'll love this game! This multiple-choice screen game with video intro is a great way to introduce the topics of sex, dating, and relationships by informing you of everything you never wanted about animal procreation. Use it as an up-front contestant game, split the room in half and have a whole crowd game, or break up into teams- guys vs girls! It's also a great resource to cut the tension when having a parent training on how to talk to their kids about sex. These animal facts will amaze, disgust, and astound you-- and bring a lot of laughter and fun to a sometimes-uncomfortable topic.

This Resource Includes:
• Complete PowerPoint game file (editable)
• Individual (10 Q&A + tiebreaker) game slides (jpeg file)
• Video Intro (mp4 file)
• Answer key document (pdf file)


Rachel Galarneau