Bible Games 3-Pack

Bible Games 3-Pack

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3 games that will test your students Bible knowledge


This package includes 3 games that will test your students Bible knowledge in a creative and fun way!

Before and After

This game can be played in groups or with individuals up in front. You show them a book of the Bible and the first person (or group) to raise their hand (or hit a buzzer) that can correctly tell you the Bible book that comes before and after the one on the screen wins the round. Nice, simple, and fast paced. This game is always fun. There are 17 books included along with a blank slide for you to create your own from other books. baa00-Instructions baa01 baa02

Who They Be

This is a multiple choice game where you show your students two people from the Old Testament that are related in some way. Then your students have to decide what relationship they have (father-daughter, brothers, husband-wife, etc.). This will even give your Bible geniuses a run for their money! Do you know how Amram and Jochebad are related? Title wtb03 wtb04

Bible Top 10

This is similar to the old Outburst game. This is a great game to play in groups where you give your students a Bible category (Women in the New Testament, Miracles of Jesus, Events in the Life of Adam, etc.) and they have 60 seconds to write down as many things that fit that category. Afterwards you reveal the top 10 and every one that they have written down earns them a point. This game seems tame but can get intense as teams scramble to come up with answers! 02-Instructions btt01 btt02

Ryan Jantz