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A six-week small group lesson that will help your students process barriers to sharing faith with friends, and equip them to move forward in courage.


Let's face it, it's AWKWARD to have spiritual conversations with unbelievers. This six-week small group series will get your students talking about evangelism. Uncover critical topics: barriers to evangelism, articulating a clear explanation of the gospel, and identifying unbelieving friends for prayer.

These lessons aren't just discussion-based, there are three group activities/object lessons in each session. Help your students understand evangelism with a creative format!

Lesson One: Beautiful Feet

Lesson Two: Scared

Lesson Three: Made, Done, Is

Lesson Four: It's Not You, It's Me

Lesson Five: The Man of the Hour

Lesson Six: So...Now What?

This Resource Includes: 

  • Series Overview (Word Doc) 
  • Six Small Group Lessons (Word Docs)
  • Title and Blank Content Slide (jpg) 

Ronald Long

Middle School Pastor in Texas and Co-Host of The Middle School Ministry Podcast in the DYM Network