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This one-off Thanksgiving message package is all about complaining! Using plenty of illustrations, challenge your students to look at Thanksgiving from a different angle.


Doug's note: I'd buy all her stuff... she's great!

“Attitude of Gratitude” is a Thanksgiving one-off message that examines what God says about the opposite of thankfulness: complaining! Using the Israelites as a case study and three objects, students will walk away feeling challenged as they look at Thanksgiving (or any day) from a ​different angle.

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This Resource Includes:

  • Overview document (Word file)
  • Complete message manuscript (Word file)
  • Student handout (Word file)
  • Small group guide (Word file)
  • PowerPoint presentation file
  • Graphics including title, blank, stories, square (jpeg files)
  • Bumper Video (0:25min) (mp4)



Sabrina Hadro

Sabrina Hadro

Sabrina has been doing youth ministry in various sized churches, roles, and denominations for the last 15 years. Right now her first job is momma to 3 little kids under 6 years old but she still loves discipling teenagers and creating resources to help other youth workers win! You can find all her DYM resources here: https://www.downloadyouthministry.com/featured-authors/sabrina-hadro/