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The logic game that will make your brain hurt.


Ready for a headache? Give your genius students a chance to stand out in this difficult, yet extremely fun brain-twister of a game! The rules are easy: You're given a series of arrows facing different directions (see example slides below). Students have to figure out the pattern and guess in which direction the final arrow will be pointing.

You can play this game with contestants on stage with arrows cut out of cardboard. When they think they know the answer, they hold their arrow up, pointing in the direction that completes the pattern.

Or you can have everyone in the crowd stand up and play by using their hands to point in the direction of the arrow that completes the pattern (if the the final arrow is up, then you point up). Those who are wrong have to sit down until you get a winner!

It starts off simple, then gets ridiculous! The harder sequences follow up with an explanation slide.

Keep some a Advil around for this one!