Alf on the Shelf - Volume 2

Alf on the Shelf - Volume 2

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In this video-based screen game, find the hidden pictures of 80s sitcom star ALF and watch the fun unfold! 


Remember Alf? He's back! Just when you thought he was gone for good, he has returned and is trying to eat your cat. In this video-based game, students will battle the clock to try and find the elusive alien, all while you save your holiday from bad jokes and your cat from becoming the Christmas dinner. Even if your students don't know who Alf is (it is likely that some of your leaders won't either), they'll have a blast trying to spot Alf in the cozy Christmas scenes.  

There are many ways to play this game, but my favorite way to play is to split my group into teams of five and had them circle Alf on the printouts we provided. We kept the printouts in a folder (marked 1-10 for each round) - had 1 student from each team run up and get their printout and bring it back to the team. We used the video countdown in the background to time their search and to work as a secondary clue (because it's on the BIG screen so easier to see). Once they found and circled Alf, the first team to run it back to the game host gets their team a point. It was a lot of fun and got the most participation with this version.

This Resource Includes:

  • Complete PowerPoint game file
  • Individual (10 Q&A + instructions) video clips (mp4 files)
  • Individual (10 Q&A + instructions) game slides (jpeg files)
  • Gameplay document (Word file)
  • Title slide (jpeg file)


Jakob Kerlin

Jakob is the student ministries pastor at Victory Church Philadelphia. He is a father of 2 who loves (good) music, loves students, loves to prank, and really loves Jesus. His life motto is "if it weren't for Venetian blinds, it'd be curtains for us all!"