Advent Small Group Series

Advent Small Group Series

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A four-week small group series on the real message of Christmas.


This four-week Bible study series for small groups looks at what the world tells us about Christmas and what the real message of Christmas is. Through four different Christmas-themed advertisements that show an idea of what Christmas is about, we dig deep into the real meaning of Christmas. This is a Jesus-centered curriculum, aimed at sharing the Christmas gospel.

Week 1: We watch an ad that tells us Christmas is about gifts, then discover that it’s about the greatest gift ever given to humanity and how we can prepare for that gift. We study several prophecies to get an idea of the gift that was coming. Bible passages: Isaiah 7:14, Genesis 49:10, Isaiah 9:1 and Isaiah 9:6,7.

Week 2: The iconic commercial we’re watching this week communicates that Christmas is about light. We explore what Christmas and light have in common (including why we celebrate Jesus’ birth in the winter) and how Christmas really is about light: the Light of the World coming down to us. Bible passages: Isaiah 42:1-9 and John 8:12.

Week 3: This week, we watch a somewhat sad commercial that shows us the importance of family around Christmas. We discover that God’s deepest wish to make us his sons and daughters is at the very heart of Christmas. Bible passages: Luke 1:26-38 and Hebrews 2:9-12.

Week 4: The last ad we’re watching shows us that Christmas is about peace. We study how Jesus’ birth and ultimate death on the cross has brought peace between us and God. We bring it all together and reflect on the real meaning of Christmas. Bible passage: Romans 5:1, 2.

This Resource Includes:

  • Series overview document
  • Teaching script for each lesson which includes an ice breaker & video suggestions and links (editable Word files)
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