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A 3-week Christmas series that tells the nativity story through the lens of 80s pop music.


Editor's note: A fun, well-written series that presents the Christmas story in a unique way. Plus, the media package is worth the price of everything.

In this series, your students will hear the nativity story in a way they've never heard it before: with an 80s flair. Inspired by the titles of three iconic 80s songs, you'll take a look at the experiences of several primary players in the Christmas story to help your students understand the power of true faith in the Messiah.

Week One // Livin' on a Prayer
Week Two // Don't Stop Believing
Week Three // You Give Love a Bad Name

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This Resource Includes:

  • 3 weeks of teaching content
  • 3 weeks of small group questions
  • 1 bumper video
  • 1 main graphic and slide graphic
  • 3 weeks of Instagram graphics
  • 3-minute countdown video
  • 1 Instagram promo
  • 1 Snapchat story promo
  • 1 motion loop


Sam Pettersen