A New Path - Part One

A New Path - Part One

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Part One (four weeks) of a teaching series on the Sermon of the Mount, and the, "You've heard it said ..." statements of Jesus.


A New Path is a teaching series based on the Sermon of the Mount in Matthew Chapters 5 through 7. In this famous sermon, Jesus gives us instructions on how to be a follower of Him, and what it looks like to live in community with others.

In Part One, which lasts four weeks, you'll go through Matthew Chapter 5.

Week 1 - "Get This Right" (The Beatitudes)
Today, we can be so easily influenced. The same thing was happening in Jesus’s day. It was happening to His disciples and the people around Him. So early on, Jesus set the standard for how to live, to minimize the negative influence from the culture the people were living in.

Week 2 - "You Mad, Bro?" (Anger and Forgiveness)
Is there a sin you can commit that does not involve someone else? Sin is often the result of anger. Anger can ruin our future if we don’t take care of it.

Week 3 - "Saucy" (Lust and Adultery)
Lust is not just a physical issue. It’s a spiritual one and an emotional one. Lust is all about what you can get, or how you can use another person, and often, when we find ourselves lusting, we treat the other person like an object, not a person.

Week 4 - "The Big Three" (Oaths and Loving Others)
You can’t swear to Heaven, or to God, or to God’s throne, or on the earth, or by someone’s grave, or on your life—because none of this is yours in the first place. Therefore, don’t make empty promises. Simply do what you say you are going to do.

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