7-Days of Social Media Prayer Videos

7-Days of Social Media Prayer Videos

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Give your students a scrolling break and help them pray with this social media prayer video resource!


Students use social media a lot! To help provide a quick break for prayer, these prayer videos have a minute timer on them and give students specific people to pray for. These include praying for a teacher at school, the person they sat next to at church, their group of friends, the workers at their favorite restaurant, a mentor, their neighbors, and the first person that comes to mind! This resource is great for a week of prayer, or post once each week and you get seven weeks out of the deal!

This Resource Includes:

  • 7 prayer videos for social media (~1-min each, mp4 files)



Ben Lock

Ben is husband, dad, campus minister, and author! He loves backpacking, adventuring, photography, and graphic design. Basically, getting to see the creative beauty of Jesus and then getting to be creative.