12 in 12: Summer Edition

12 in 12: Summer Edition

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Students must remember all of the Summertime items shown on the screen in 12…11…10…


12 summery items will be displayed on the screen for 12 seconds. Students must study the items on the screen and try to remember as many as possi-ble. When the 12 seconds are up, each player/team has 30 seconds to list as many of the 12 items as possible. Hand out a prize or two for the individual or team that remembered the most and move on to the next round!

This Resource Includes:
• 12 videos: 5 rounds of questions and answers, plus a bonus round (mp4)
• A PowerPoint presentation (if you don’t want to use the videos)


Derry Prenkert

20+ year youth ministry veteran, podcast host, and Disney World fanatic!