12-Hour #YouthMin Overnighter Energy™ Shots

12-Hour #YouthMin Overnighter Energy™ Shots

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Introducing: 12-hour Overnighter Energy!


Introducing: 12-hour Overnighter Energy! Tired of being tired at that church overnighter? Tired of being covered in shaving cream while you grab a few winks to make it through this event? Tired of being called “old homeless youth worker passed out on the sanctuary floor” or being photographed while sleeping and students use the hashtag #can’thang? We know you are! And that’s why we’re bringing you the incredibly safe and thoroughly-trench-tested*12 Hour Overnighter Energy shots!

For only $19.99/case these energy shots will keep you up all night and you’ll experience a focus like never before! As an added bonus--our patented combination of farm fertilizers and rare earth elements also makes your whole body mosquito-resistant, church-elder retardant, while giving you a soft greenish-yellow glow that lasts 5 days after the event. Just as Moses shone after seeing the back of The Lord, you’ll glow after you get back from the amazing overnighter… and even want to plan another one!

*on animals, and “that one kid” in our youth ministry


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DYM Team

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