100 Creative Prayer Activities

100 Creative Prayer Activities

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Write psalms, make paper planes, eat grapes


Are your group prayer times feeling stale and in dire need of a new format? Engage your students in a new way - or 100 new ways! All 100 prayer activities are simple with little setup, but provide your students a creative and focused way to pray. From prayer stations to creating their own psalm to using water and sand to help students dive deeper into prayer, this guide will give you a ton of options that you can use over and over again.


Have each student write a prayer request on a post-it note and then place it on their own back. Once they are done invite students to walk around the room placing their hand on another student's shoulder and pray for the request on their back. This will create a few different lines around the room that grow and change shape as the front person leaves and another joins the end. This is a really neat picture of the body of Christ praying for each other."

Ryan Jantz