10 Messy Games

10 Messy Games

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Who doesn


Who doesn't love a messy game? Old people, that's who. Fortunately you're a youth worker, and you probably need this resource!

Messy games can be the most fun games your students will ever play! Students always remember the messiest games-they are such great memory makers!

These games are the kind that they can't play at home, your ministry is the only way they can experience the fun of making a huge mess. This is probably because they are games that they can never play at home. Students have to go to church or camp to play your messy games!!!

1. Crazy Condiments
2. Paint Your Friends Night
3. Pound the Package
4. Super sloppy Sundae
5. Midnight Mud Madness
6. Spaghetti Splash
7. Cupcake Head
8. Nacho Cheese Slip-n-Slide
9. Breakfast Museum
10. Cheetos Champion

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This Resource Includes:
• Game Instructions for 10 Games (Word Doc)


Bob Anderson