"Why I Believe" by Sean McDowell and Timothy Fox

"Why I Believe" by Sean McDowell and Timothy Fox

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A 5-week apologetics teaching series (with small group guides, too) on why Christianity not only stands up to intellectual examination; it makes the most sense of any worldview!


This 5-week series comes to us courtesy of Living On The Edge (https://livingontheedge.org), and author/teacher Sean McDowell and Timothy Fox.

We all have students who have never thought seriously about the big questions of faith and apologetics until they get blindsided by them at a crossroads in their lives. This series will help you equip your students ahead of time for when those big questions arise.

There are five teaching sessions, including full message manuscripts, student outlines with fill-ins, and small group discussion guides.

This works well as a 5-week series, or as the teaching for an intensive worldview weekend or similar retreat.

The five sessions are:

Why I Believe In...
1. The Resurrection
2. The Bible
3. The Afterlife
4. Creation
5. The God of the Bible

Faith in Jesus should not require us to "check our brains at the door." Show your students why following Jesus stands up to rigorous intellectual scrutiny.

This Resource Includes:
• Teaching manuscript for each week (Word files)
• Teaching outline for each week (Word files)
• Small group discussion guide for each week (Word files)

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