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Editor's Note: This resource is excellent. It's well-written, well-organized, and packed with all kinds of helpful tools. Highly recommended.

Students’ lives are busy and academically focused, which makes encouraging them to read a HUGE and seemingly complicated book (the Bible) a MONSTROUS task—but nonetheless so important. Getting students to create a habit of being in God’s Word and learning His story in its entirety is extremely vital.

As teachers of God’s Word, it’s our job to assist students with helpful tools to create the life-giving habit of reading the Bible. And, we’re here to help them become enlightened to His whole story, which is still being written today.

How do we help students discover the Bible and create a habit? It’s simple. We point them to it through reading, prayer, and talking about it with others, and we do this consistently for three days in a row!

This three-day curriculum is set up to get students reading The One Year Chronological Bible, discussing it with others, and praying through it with God. For three days, students will read for an hour in the morning, discuss it for an hour before lunch, and pray over it for an hour at sunset.

However, you can use this three-day curriculum in whatever capacity fits your context best. Take students away for the weekend, create a retreat around it, use it one day a week for three weeks, or give to students to do on their own with a few friends or in their small group.

All documents are in Microsoft Word format and are 100-percent editable to fit your specific youth group context. Use each document exactly as-is, tweak it to fit your youth ministry, and/or use as idea starters to create something new!

This Resource Includes:

1. Student Devotionals: This folder contains a devotional introduction letter and four devotionals for students to go through over the course of four days. Each devotional comes in a separate Microsoft Word file. Each devotional is set up to immerse students in The One Year Chronological Bible.

2. Leader Small Group Guides: This folder contains three leader small group guides, one for each day/devotional. These guides will prepare and help your leaders navigate a productive discussion with their group and dive deeper into what they read in God’s story earlier that day.

3. Student Prayer Guides: Now that students have spent their devotional and discussion time deeply exploring the beginning of God’s story, they’ll be ready to apply it to their own story. This folder includes three prayer guides. You can give students 10 minutes or three hours to sit in prayer with God. The prayer guides will lead them through what to wrestle with and how they might do this with the Lord. Each prayer guide comes in a separate file.

4. One-on-One Leader Letter: One more way students will be encouraged to apply their Bible reading to their own life will be to talk through it with a leader. This is what we call spiritual direction. This leader letter will direct and guide your leaders to understand your expectations and guidelines for this time with their students.

5. Thee-Day Sample Schedule: Use this schedule to get an idea of how you can set up this three-day curriculum with your group.

6. Author Note: Contact the author for questions, brainstorms, or direction as you prepare to implement this three-day curriculum in your context.

7. Graphics/Promos: You’ll receive a graphics package with Facebook cover, Instagram/Twitter images, and session slide templates to help you promote and teach through this curriculum.

Note from the Author

Use this small group curriculum at a weekend retreat/camp, or spread out over a three weeks of small groups during your weekly gatherings.

Discovering God's Story

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A three-day student devotional, small group, and prayer curriculum designed to get students into God’s Word.
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Chad Merrihew

Chad Merrihew has served in a variety of youth ministry settings since 2003, where he’s intentionally continued to raise the bar for youth. Chad loves God with all his heart and deeply cares about pointing students towards an intimate relationship with Jesus.

Email: [email protected]

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