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Editor's note: This is top-notch resource. Derry has done an excellent job crafting a resource that is engaging, well-written, relevant, and incredibly helpful for parents. The sessions are excellent, and so is the workbook. Highly, highly recommended.

Parents are overwhelmed; especially when it comes to the world of cell phones, social media, streaming services, and gaming. Through this three-session seminar, you will be able to give your parents perspective, education, guidance, tools to help them think proactively and redemptively in how they raise their kids up in the current digital world.

Session 1: A LAY OF THE LAND
Creatively walks parents from the digital reality of their teenager life to the current reality, then lays a groundwork on the ultimate goal of helping our kids become wise consumers of technology.

When it comes to this topic, parents have two main questions:
1. What is out there that we need to know about?
2. What type of filters or controls are available?
This session takes time to walk through both these questions and gives some valuable resources to help parents become students of their own.

Much energy is spent on what is allowed/not allowed and the consequences for crossing lines. In this session, help parents think beyond restrictive measures and into ways to help prepare kids to be wise consumers, then how to respond in a redemptive manner when (not if) their child engages unhealthily in technology.

The final piece to this series is THE DIGITAL ENGAGEMENT FAMILY WORKBOOK; a 12-page reproducible booklet for parents to work through and come up with a strategic game plan or code of conduct for technological engagement.

This Resource Includes:
- 3 full 2,700–3,900 word teaching manuscripts (.docx)
- 3 presentations to go with teaching (.ppt)
- Title slide and background slide (.jpeg)
- Reproducible "Parent Hack" card (.docx)
- Reproducible, 12-page Digital Engagement Family Workbook (.docx)

And just for fun ... an episode of the More Than Dodgeball show about parents:

Note from the Author

I've built this into a three-session series, but it could easily be turned into four by taking a final session for Q & A and giving parents guided time to work through the Digital Engagement Workbook.

Adolescence, Technology and Parenting

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A 3-session workshop plus workbook to help parents guide their kids toward healthy digital engagement.
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Derry Prenkert

I've been fortunate to serve the first 20+ years in youth ministry! I'm in My Third Decade (check out my podcast on the DYM Podcast Network!) where I currently serve as the Student Ministry Leader at a church in Louisville, KY. Over that time I have been able to craft a plethora of experiences and resources that help students and parents in their spiritual journey, and I love that DYM has provided me the opportunity to share them with you. My wife Janelle and I have four amazing children ages 10 and under. I love the Cubs, the Colts, comic books, podcasts, and going to Disney World.

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