HOST the National Day of Volunteer Youth Ministry Training: Fall 2024

HOST the National Day of Volunteer Youth Ministry Training: Fall 2024

GOLD members pay $291.85
Own the training AND your church becomes a training site for the youth ministry volunteers in your community!


HOST at the lowest price we will offer! You will own the training AND your church becomes a training site in your community! Next Fall, kick off your ministry year with world-class training from some of the most capable teachers/leaders in youth ministry. We know how important it is to rally your volunteers together, offer them a great training experience AND involve the other youth ministries in the surrounding communities. Over the last 5 years, over 70,000 volunteers have been trained at this event. 

The amazing event continues this year with DYM’s 6th Annual National Day of Volunteer Youth Ministry Training. It provides a video-driven 3-hour, fun, helpful and momentum building event, with practical youth ministry training from Doug Fields, Josh Griffin and several other youth ministry veterans and thought-leaders! Plenty of energy, discussion time and fun-filled “we get you” memorable moments.


Empower Your Team
Equip your youth leaders with the knowledge, tools, and inspiration they need to make a lasting impact on the lives of young people. Our training resource is carefully curated to strengthen leadership skills, build faith, and foster a deeper connection with teenagers. Your church volunteers will be blessed, encouraged and inspired from the event.

Become a Training Church

With this host license, you can invite local churches, youth ministry leaders, and volunteers from all around your area to experience this world-class training. Get the word out and exchange ideas, share success stories, and forge lasting relationships that will enhance your ministry efforts.

Customizable Content [and date!]

Use this training however it works BEST for your church and your community. You have options! Play it on a single day of your choice this Fall all at once, divide it up into 2-3 lunch gatherings, whatever is best for your people. This youth ministry training day “in a box” can be adapted to suit your specific needs and passions. Be as creative as you want to be or just press play!

We’ll Journey With You

Every few months in 2024 Doug Fields & Josh Griffin will invite all hosts to idea-share, get inspiration for hosting and share what to expect from this year’s training in a special invitation-only Zoom. It’ll be encouraging and exciting check in as the training season approaches in the Fall of 2024.

Invest in your volunteers. Invest in your youth ministry community. Invest in the Gospel to this next generation.

This resource will be delivered on August 1, 2024, it includes:

  • Complete National Day program 2024 (720p, 1080p, 4K versions)
  • License to show the content to an audience
  • All the digital assets you need to promote this event
  • Printable Attendee Worksheets (PDF's)
  • Quarterly connections with Doug & Josh





In years past, there was one specific date… so what’s the date for 2024? 

After 5 incredible years, we’ve decided to change things up to help it grow even faster! The “National DAY of Volunteer Youth Ministry Training” to “DAYS”… basically, you pick any day (or multiple days) that work for you and the groups you invite (if you’re hosting). If you’re hosting, best practice would be to pick a date that works for your location, lock-in your YM friends to that date, and boom–it’s whatever day/time you choose. So flexible. We’ll deliver all of the training content to you on August 1, 2024.


Why should I host this training?

It’s not for everyone! BUT you may be surprised at how rewarding it can be You would want to host if you: (1) love helping youth workers, (2) get fired-up seeing volunteers get excellent training, (3) enjoy gathering with other youth workers in your community, (4) are good at networking or want to start a network in your area, (5) have the ability to think ahead, pick a date, and pull off an event, and (6) are at a church/location that is supportive of other groups/churches joining you. If that’s you… let’s go!


Is this a streaming event? We have terrible internet and “average” technology… should I host?

Yes, you should host (if you want to). This is NOT a streaming event. We want to get this product everywhere (i.e. rural areas with lower speed internet, Texas LED walls … and church basements with a faded AWANA circle). Days ahead of time you download the entire event, and simply press play on the day of! Yeah! A computer and a screen is all you need! Most churches host it in their “main space”... you choose! 

Are there any additional costs? 

Nope! As an NDO Host site, you are paying for a hosting license that allows you to invite other groups. This fee is for 1 or 1,000 youth workers at your single location on a single day. 


How much do visiting youth groups pay to attend?

Good question! Well … that’s totally up to you! You choose this year if you want to “gift” it to the nearby youth ministry community or charge a moderate fee per person (we suggest no more than $25/person), or per group (we suggest no more than $99/group). Again … you make the call! Now, they won’t pay DYM… they’ll pay you directly however you want to set up. Another option may be to split the fee with a local church friend and co-host it and combine forces. 


How long is the National Day of Volunteer Youth Ministry Training? 

We will deliver a program that will last 3 hours, it will be made up of 6 trainings (10-12 minutes each), discussion times for each session, and have some fun sprinkled throughout. We will also give you a few additional sessions that you can use if you’d like to swap out some of the existing content (or use at another time). How you do it is up to you, it’s fully customizable (cut or add content to make the training longer or shorter)! But if you block out a 3-hour time-block you’ll have plenty of time. And again – you choose the time frame, the day and the cost!

Will DYM help promote the training locations?

Yes... and no. :) We will be talking about the event, promoting the National Day, and including a page on with a list of registered host sites, but it will be up to each host to promote their location. We’re trying to streamline everything and make it an easier experience for all involved. This year it’s all about scale - previously we’ve reached up to 20,000 volunteers and this year we want to go for 100,000+ which means WAY more hosts with an easy process to get it in your hands. We’ve learned that the majority of our previous hosts already knew the people who ended up coming to their location. All the promotional responsibility lies with you, so work those networks and invite anyone and everyone to your location. Hit up those Facebook groups and local events as well!

What does the schedule look like? 

The schedule is designed for it to be as easy on you as possible. We will deliver a program that will last 3 hours, it will be made up of 6 trainings (10-12 minutes each), discussion times for each session, and have some fun sprinkled throughout. We will also give you a few additional sessions that you can use if you’d like to swap out some of the existing content (or use at another time).

Here’s the best part: the training content will be delivered in Coleader which will make it super easy for you to edit the training to fit your ministry’s needs (only include the training topics that you want, add/cut/move elements around, etc)! You get to choose how long your training event is!

If you provide an air-conditioned/heated room with decent screens or a projector, that’s enough. If you want to go all-out and have snacks, meal(s), prizes, etc.—go for it! Just be super clear on your start/end times and stick to it!

What if I want the training for my youth ministry leaders and don’t want to host? 

No problem. You can purchase the content for your church only! You can get access to it same as a host on August 1, 2024. 

Why sign up this far in advance?

The price will go up steadily in the coming months, and by locking in this Early Bird rate today you are guaranteed the lowest price we’ll offer to host this training.

What questions is my senior pastor going to ask about this?

We’ve covered a lot of questions (see above), but if you have additional questions, please let us know and we’ll update this FAQ with your question. Please email [email protected] with any additional questions.

Not sure what the National Day looks like? Watch the first 7 minutes of the 2023 training here!


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