By Jonathan McKee & Jordan Floro

Every student in the room will love this interactive video-driven game. It takes almost no prep on your end and involves every student with a smart phone!

By Seth Hooper

Can your students correctly identify the country based on the emoji clues shown on screen, in this Sidekick 'Emoji Hunt' game?

By Clark Chilton

Build community with your small groups, overall youth group and adult leaders with this Snapchat Scavenger Hunt!

By Matt Baker

Social Media is everywhere, and chances are your students use it. But how much do they actually know about the apps that they use? Play this game and find out!

By Ken Leslie

Everyone loves Halloween gifs. Time to act them out!

By Tim Wildsmith

A game where contestants must guess the answer as the ENTIRE audience acts out the onscreen clue silently.

By Derry Prenkert

A third installment of the (DYM Games) "Pixelate" game of blurry emojis.

By Nick Clason

Recently, the Wendy’s Twitter account has been upping its game. But some of the tweets are so savage, can your students tell which are real and which are fake?

By Derry Prenkert

Five ready-to-play Pixelate Sidekick files in one amazing download!

By Tim Wildsmith

A trivia screen game based on your teenagers' favorite social media app.

By Tim Wildsmith

A hilarious and energetic game where teams race to complete a list of tasks that they must post to Snapchat.

By Sam Pettersen

Laurel? Yanny? Yanny? Laurel? Let’s settle this once and for all. While we’re at it we’ll throw some more weird words at you!

By John Kryvoruka

SIRIOKE - Worship Edition is a video-driven slide game where Siri 'sings' words to popular worship songs and students must attempt to guess the correct song title.

A "this or that" screen game where students guess who posted an Instagram photo.

By Michael Wallace

Screen game where students go head-to-head or against the clock to put social media platforms in their correct order!

By Ken McIntyre

Students are shown a series of images for a short period of time in which they have to memorize the order.

By Reid Powell

Halloween Costume Edition of the Popular Game Snap Chat themed game

By Parker Stech

In this video-clip based game, see if students know the official names of various Emojis! "Man in Business Suit Levitating" is an actual emoji!