By DYM Team & Josh Griffin

Can you name the Star Wars movie with just a quote?

By Wes Wilson

This is a screen-driven game where students match the correct fear to its phobia.

By Tim Wildsmith

A one-off message that explores the history and meaning behind the Lord's Supper and leads students to reflection.

By Tim Wildsmith

A FULL YEAR (one each week) of ready-to-use, modern, and cool inspirational images for social media.

By Jesse Duckett

This resource includes everything you could need to run a large scale version of the widely popular mobile game. It can be customized to the exact size of your group and played indoors or out. Hunting and being hunted has never been so fun.

By Sam Pettersen

A four-week dating series that explores how our hearts are working against us, and how God's plan for purity leads us back to redemption.

By Matt Ray

In this Sidekick 'Trivia' game, students attempt to guess which Nick said each quote.

By Ken Leslie

Zombies are all the rage! Take advantage of the outbreak to have an awesome outreach event!

By Cooper Miller

Get your first time visitors info in style!

By Chris Hargrove & Jamie Willis

This one-off message, based on John 14:6, will clearly share the gospel by answering the most important question in life: Who is Jesus? He is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE.

By Frank Gil

A four-week series on dating, relationships, sex, friends, and courting.

By John Kryvoruka & Steve Gold

A screen game where players have to decide if these men NAIL their marriage proposals, or if they FAIL them.

By John Kryvoruka

The next installment of the screen game where students decide if the word is a Biblical City or Sith Lord from Star Wars.

By Bobby Fleck

2020 was a difficult year. Some would even call it a dumpster fire. In this screen game, your students will look back and answer trivia questions about wins during a difficult year.

By Jenna Bush

A puzzle and scavenger hunt game. Students will team up to solve the puzzles and find the code to unlock the box.

By Sabrina Hadro

A 3-week series (as well as a one-off option) on the different masks we wear that shroud our God-given identity.

By Nick Clason

May is here, so celebrate some of the month's quirky National Holidays with your students via Instagram, Twitter or any Social Platform!

By John Kryvoruka

The eagerly awaited sequel to the screen game where students decide if the word is a Biblical City or Sith Lord from Star Wars.