By Twelve Thirty Media

Matthew: Discover the Kingdom Series - Creative Elements is a one-stop shop for all your creative needs to write your own messages and create a powerful four-week series.

By DYM Team

Exploring Four Women in the Lineage of Jesus

By Dare2Share

A stand-alone topical study on the Bible that includes practical application.

By Andrew Yakel

A 6-week sermon series on several critical pieces of wisdom from the book of Proverbs.

By Alex Hall & Andrew Randolph

A four-week series on the bad blood that can form in our relationships.

By Jonathan Holmes

A 5-week small group series that gives students a comprehensive understanding of the events in the gospel.

By Dennis Beckner & Hector Aragon

A 3-week small group series to help students learn how to discover and deal with the sin in their lives.

By Mike Acker

Questions flood teenagers: Who to date? What to do after high school? And 1000 more questions! Teach your students how to make wise decisions.

By Trevor Hamaker

Bridge the gap between the young and old at your church with this easy-to-use resource!

By Matthew Erickson

A hard-hitting 5-week series meant to challenge students to go "all in" for Jesus.

By DYM Team

In Viva! Quotable we will explore four verses from the Bible that are commonly quoted or referred to and ask if the common uses are accurate.

By Andrew Larsen & Timothy Miller

Ready to Party is a complete night of programming that will challenge students to evaluate how ready they are for Christ’s return.

By Nick Ristow

A 3-week series about lies that people believe about Jesus.

Multiple Authors

A revamped 5-week series by Doug Fields and Josh Griffin on friendship, love, marriage, and sex.

By Tim Wildsmith

A one-off message-with the potential of being a multiweek series-on how our stories intersect with God's ultimate story.

By Matt Funk

A 4-week series where students receive an in-depth look into the content and the heart behind the Lord's Prayer.

By Matthew McNutt

This four-week series walks students through the book of Exodus, using "The Wizard of Oz" as a launching point.

By Ryan Jantz

A four-week series on how the gospel should completely change everything in our lives.