By Duffy Robbins

Give your leaders…and yourself…the gift of a prep-less small group meeting with this ready-to-go video teaching from Duffy Robbins

By LeaderTreks

Four ready-to-go lessons on how to start strong and commit wholeheartedly.

By Anthony Ochoa

A 19-week small group curriculum that takes students through the entire gospel of John.

By Andy Juvinall

A powerful six-week resource to help our students and families deal with difficult circumstances in life with the hope and grace that comes through Jesus Christ and learn to demonstrate empathy by becoming the light of Christ to those around them.

By David Lynn

Check out our Quarter Life Faith Sparkers™. Little-prep. Easy-to-use. Faith conversation-starters for the career-college years, 18-25.

By DYM Team

What if we’re too too familiar with the classic story?

By John Cleveland

A high school/college level one-off interactive lesson about God's power in reviving our hearts and God's history in reviving the Church.

By C.J. Smith

A three-week small group series on the "But God …" moments in the Bible.

By Bobby Cooley

A simple, interactive lesson on love. As a group, you will collectivity explore Scripture to discover what love is.

By David Lynn

Matthew 11:28-30

A Quarter Life Faith Sparker™ for Young Adults

By DYM Team

Old stories, fresh take.

By Josh Griffin & Awana YM

In this video curriculum lesson, students will know that their identity in Christ is not defined by their sin or the world around them.

By Bob Rinella

A year-long, 29-lesson curriculum designed to enable students to take ownership of their faith.

By Bart Cook

An Old Testament small group study for a weekend retreat, challenging students to respond to God's call.

By Josh Griffin & Awana YM

In this video curriculum lesson, students will know that holiness is not dependent on our actions but made possible through faith in Jesus Christ.

By Alex McElroy

Blueprints for Bible Basics is designed to give your youth the necessary tools that will provide them a proper foundation to make sure that they don't remain in church for years without substantive growth.

By Josh Griffin & Awana YM

In this video curriculum lesson, students will understand the destructive nature of sin, knowing that sin is more than bad choices or mistakes, but a brokenness that cannot be escaped.

By David Beavis

A 3-week small group curriculum about a little-known minor prophet named Habakkuk and his relevance for us today.