By Janelle Prenkert

Four sets of phone-friendly, "Going Deeper Questions" designed to help take the small group conversation to the next level on the following topics: Christianity, Heart, Relationships, and Miscellaneous. Each set includes a pdf and individual jpeg files.

By Kayla Jeffers

A discussion guide that invites students to help each other navigate the turmoil and unrest within our country in a way that will honor and glorify Jesus.

By Janelle Prenkert

A small group Valentine's Day-themed bundle that is phone-friendly. This resource contains two small group games and a small group conversation focusing on Matthew 6:19-21 & Colossians 3:1-17.

By Jerry Varner

A 5-week small group series on five common ways Satan hunts us and keeps us from God's best.

By Eric Ballard

A 6-week small-group curriculum on the ins and outs of being a disciple of Jesus.

By Tyler Johnson

This small group study will give your students the tools to be able to find their place at the table in the kingdom of God.

By Frank Gil

An 8-week small group study about making the most of a summer vacation.

By Sabrina Hadro & Jordan Floro

A 5-week small group series on 1 Thessalonians, all about embracing your identity as children of God and your role in His kingdom!

By DYM Team

The movie opens in theaters Wednesday, April 17!

By DYM Team

Anxiety in teens has been increasing over the last decade.

By LeaderTreks

Four ready-to-go lessons from the brother of Jesus about living what we believe.

By Jerry Varner

A 9-week study that will change your students' view and understanding of the book of Revelation.

By Sabrina Hadro

This 12-week small group study takes an in-depth look at Jesus in the Gospel of Mark and centers around 2 questions: "Who is Jesus?" and, "Who are we because of Him?"

By Becca Fleischer & Johnathan Baldwin

This resource offers a great way to help your students learn and memorize Scripture in an interactive way. This resource contains 26 different teachings!

By Josh Griffin & Awana YM

In this video curriculum lesson students will understand the process of sanctification and God’s desire to engage with us in this process.

By DYM Team

A tool to help teenagers have meaningful conversations based on the core themes of the movie.

By Josh Griffin & Awana YM

In this video curriculum lesson, students will know that worship is more than a set of rituals. Worship is an expression of love to God in response to His goodness.

By Jordan Floro & Sabrina Hadro

A 4-week small group series about going all-in for Jesus, using the example of five "powerhouse" women from the Bible.