By Janelle Prenkert

Four sets of phone-friendly, "Going Deeper Questions" designed to help take the small group conversation to the next level on the following topics: Christianity, Heart, Relationships, and Miscellaneous. Each set includes a pdf and individual jpeg files.

By Derry Prenkert

A screen game with proof that moms and iMessage don’t mix well.

By Derry Prenkert

52 tweetable text messages to encourage & inspire parents.

By DYM Team

Original versions of all 45 files that come included with Sidekick.

By John Cleveland

A four-part series that tries to figure out what Jesus would do today in our technology-filled world.

By Bobby Cooley

Sixteen Weeks of Summer Verses. Instagram-ready posts for the whole summer.

By Ken McIntyre

Students have to text a phrase without looking at their phone.

By Derry Prenkert

52 texts for Graduation season and the year to follow.

By Ken McIntyre

Students must attempt to text the lyric to a love song without looking at their phone.

By Eric Kaiser

Using any communication platform, youth workers can encourage, exhort, and equip students to live their faith daily using 140 characters with this 30-day Easter season resource.

By Will Witkovsky

Ready-to-go modern social media images pertaining to a modern worship song title or lyric.

By Cooper Miller

Take your ministry's Instagram profile page to the next level by utilizing the Instagram Highlight Feature.

By Eric Kaiser

Encourage, exhort, and equip your teenagers to live their faith daily using 140 characters with this 30-day holiday season resource.

By Ken McIntyre

In this screen game, it’s a jolly ol’ text off! Students text a phrase on the screen without looking at their phone.

By DYM Team

A complete 4-week youth ministry program based on the new Left Behind movie!

By Tagg Wolverton

Quick SMS devotionals for junior highers.

By Ryan Jantz

925 text devotionals for your students

By Leneita Fix

40 days of devotions that could work in conjunction with Lent...