By Travis Hayes

A high energy, up front, race against time game. A great way to get the crowd laughing!

By DYM Team

Contestants spin the animated game board to see which game they will play.

By Matt Baker

How much do your students know about fashion? Play this Sidekick 'Survey Says' game and see where they stand when it comes to fashion and style.

By Colton Harker

How well do you know your friends?

By Brandon Early

When students get the trivia answer right, they get a prize. If they get the answer wrong... a cat gets wronged.

By Derry Prenkert

A screen game where students view a story about a couple and must decide if the number given is over, under, or equal to the actual answer.

By Ken Leslie

Turn this Tonight Show game into a great screen game for students

By Wes Wilson

Easter-themed screen game where students guess whether the statements about the holiday are true or doubtful.

By Darrin Geier

A fun, active game that will get your students moving! Simply add masking tape to your meeting room floor!

By David Rutledge

350 random trivia questions you can use for any event, game or situation.

By Ken Leslie

Turn this Tonight Show game into a great screen game for students

By Reid Powell

“Game show” style game where participants answer food questions to avoid drinking a gross smoothie.

By Jonathan McKee

Commit is a screen game that pushes kids to test how sure they are that they really know the answers to questions?

By David Rutledge

Celebrate old times and your seniors with a screen-based trivia quiz about the year they were born. Eighteen years ago, the year was 2001.

By Joshua Erickson

How well do your students know the epic story of Joseph from the Bible? This screen-based game will get your students up and moving around the room as they put their knowledge to the test!

By Matt Baker

How much do your students like eggs? You'll find out once they spin the Wheel Of Destiny on the DYM Games App and see where it lands. Great game for camps, retreats, and weekly youth nights.

By Darrin Geier

Everyone's involved as they cheer their teammates on! It's "pie or be pied" as players face off in this hilarious game!

By Parker Stech

Bingo with emojis! Fun for teenagers and octogenarians alike!