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Bring up one, two or more participants who are willing to do whatever it takes to get a delicious treat. It could be anything from doing 10 push-ups to drinking clam juice. This makes for a fun game for all to watch (and play).

The game includes eight rounds (of video) which you will prepare the supplies for in advance:
- Eat baby food
- Do a cartwheel
- Drink clam juice
- Dance with no music for 30-seconds
- Eat a spoonful of mustard
- Do 10 push-ups
- Sing “I’m a little tea pot”
- Winner: free Klondike bar

This Resource Includes:
• 8 video clips (mp4 files)
•Title slide (jpeg file)

What Would You Do For A Klondike Bar?

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Teenagers are willing to do just about anything for a yummy treat. Their fate is up in the air in order to get the Klondike bar.
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Great game that is fun to watch and play!
We played this and I think it was more fun to watch then to play. Kids love ice cream so they are almost willing to do "whatever" to get the Klondike Bar.

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