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This is a sermon series built around villains of the Bible. We spend so much time with the heroes of the Bible, but there is actually a lot we can learn from the villains, as well.

This series includes five teaching outlines and manuscripts. Each week focuses on a different villain or group of villains: (1) Satan, (2) Nebuchadnezzar, (3) the Pharisees, (4) Judas, and (5) the Roman Emperors.

• Series overview document
• Teaching manuscript for each week, 2400-3000 words (Word files)

Each message includes a lesson overview (how to grab the audience, create tension, engage the text, the bottom line, and clearly apply), a detailed outline, and a word-for-word manuscript.

This is a very well done, complete teaching series.


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An excellent five-week sermon series on some of the most notorious villains in the Bible—and what we can learn from them.

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Great series that keeps our students attention.
Im right in the middle of this series and it is really connecting with my students. Love when the Bible study is deep and this one goes just deep enough! I highly recommend it!

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