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Included in this bundle are:

Box of Chocolates: Test your chocolate knowledge by determining whether these sweet statements are true or false.

Chick Flick Emojis: Name the classic chick flick based on a set of emojis.

Cupid or Kanye: Decide if these bits of romantic sentiment are Kanye lyrics or Valentine’s cards.

Included in each of these 3 games are:
- Complete PowerPoint game file
- Complete Keynote game file
- Individual game slides (jpeg files)v

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Valentine Schmalentine Bundle

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Regular Price: $11.25

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A 3-game bundle of love

Regular Price: $11.25

Special Price $7.50


My friend Tim and I use DYM as an excuse to hang out during office hours and to fund our families' Disney addictions. My wife and I have 4 boys. No, we are not trying for a little girl.

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1 of 3 isn't bad
To be fair, I bought this for 2 of the games. I didn't really want the Cupid vs Kanye, but I really wanted the Box of Chocolates and Chick Flick Emojis. I thought the Box of Chocolate was really well done. It was fun and everyone was engaged the whole time. Today, I opened the Chick Flick Emojis and loaded it into the power point file. As I do each week, I look at them to make sure nothing is bad or questionable in the game. There wasn't, but there was a problem... none of my students would know these movies. The movies used were too old for them to know or remember. There was one title I didn't even know. So, I had to scrap it and go with something else. Kinda bummed. Cupid vs Kanye may be great, but I haven't even looked at that one. If it is... then this is a great value.

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