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"The Table" is a communal prayer experience that uses the elements of the dinner table and scripture passages that take place at a table to teach about the importance of community. This experience is adaptable for small or large group settings. You can do this experience as a small group, during a youth group worship service, or at a larger camp or retreat setting.

This resource includes:
• Leader’s guide (Word file, unedited alternative Pages version, and pdf file)
• Supplies list (Word and pdf files)
• Set up guide (pdf file)
• Graphics (jpeg files)

The Table

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The Table is a communal prayer experience that uses the elements of the dinner table to teach about the importance of community.
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So pleased with this product!
This was a huge success at our church!
Instead of using this verbatim, I adapted for our group, like we do everything else- but that's what you do when you're a youth pastor/leader, right?

The script was solid enough that I could have each youth leader get up in front of our large group room and read a section.. All I had to change a few processes to fit our space, and add a few journaling prompts so leaders knew how to direct our students. (We had 40 of us in one room, instead of small rooms of 16 as recommended).

Most of the supplies were easy enough to find at the dollar store. So having 6 tables of 8, you could easily do this for around...$50-60, and I'm guessing you could do it cheaper depending on your budget. You will need thing like bread, salt, honey, candles, post-its, paper plates, towels, basins, jars, pitchers, and any decor/lighting you want.

Pro tip: if you dim the lights to set the atmosphere, make sure there is enough light to allow students to read/write in their journals.

Pro tip 2: play music in the back ground to add to the ambiance.

I got so many parents and youth tell me how much our students enjoyed this night. Good material, great message, and very fun to do!!

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