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Love snack foods? This game is for you! Students are shown pictures of snack foods without their packaging, and their challenge is to correctly identify each snack. This game works great for messages and discussions on appetites, temptations, moderation, or labeling others.

This game can be used as a team or large group game. Since many people will know the correct answers in this game, another alternative is to use it as a “speed” game. Sequester a few students (basically, get them out of the room) and then make it timed game: show them one image at a time and the one who answers in the shortest amount of time wins.

What’s included:

  • 11 question slides
  • 11 answer slides
  • Title slide
  • Powerpoint file

Snack Attack Game

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A Powerpoint-based game where students must guess the snack food without seeing the packaging.

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Good Quality and Graphics but the game is too easy
I purchase games for both teens and a afterschool Bible club that we do in the city. The kids had no trouble at all coming up with the names of the snacks. The problem was that the snacks were too easy. Most people know what cheezits look like or a Nutty Butty. I would not reccomend this game for anyone who is in 3rd grade or higher.

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