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Looking for a resource to get your students into the correct Rhythms? Rhythms prayer journal is a great resources for students! It contains 40 different entries that a student can go through. Each entry prompts the reader to journal, read a scripture, and pray. And each entry is different! Often time, students need a prompt or a guide to help them through spiritual disciplines. This is easy, fun, and relevant resource for your group! Go through it as a small group, or have each students do it by themselves!

One of our veteran DYM editors said, “ This is the best resource of this kind that I’ve seen on DYM.”

As with all reproducible resources, make as many as you want for your youth group. Includes 85 page designed PDF.

Rhythms Prayer Journal for Students

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A 40-day prayer journal for students to work through.
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Born and raised in a small town in Wyoming where I met my beautiful wife. I have two kids, two fish, and two tattoos. I love a cold glass of milk, the Denver Broncos, T-mobile, Birkenstocks, naps, and Lebron James. I am passionate about serving and ministering to students and families in Orange County!

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Great Student Resource
Chad Merrihew4/24/2017
We printed this journal in a book format and placed these in our youth room for students to grab at any time. We've had many students use this journal to kickstart their prayer life. I introduced this journal during our how to pray series. This is a great resource that is good to have on hand at all times and can be used in a variety of different ways.
Simple, Easy to Follow and Customizable.
This is a simple journal that allows students engage scripture and prayer no matter what level they are at. For those who just want a quick read and go to those students who want to sit and sink it in. Good stuff. We used the DYM newsletter to make it digital, worked GREAT! See it here.

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